Red Eye

RED EYE is the premier  Roadhouse Rock ‘n Roll Band of the Northeast. Specializing in classic rock, RED EYE captures the true essence of rock music with attitude and energy. Their care free, no frill style boasts a set list second to none. Blending the music of The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Molly Hatchet, Santana, Springsteen, Petty, and many others, with weaving guitars, gritty leads, powerful vocals, dynamic keyboards and a red hot rhythm section, RED EYE will make any listener a true believer. They will even throw in some of the best original music around, for the pure joy of creating their own sound.

So if you only want the real thing, call RED EYE. These guys have a great time, and raise the bar at any event, inviting all to participate, join in and be part of a true celebration of what live music is all about.



Band Member Info:

Jim Donohue Vocals / Guitar / Percussion

Harry Lawrence Vocals / Guitar

Dennis Pacensa Vocals / Guitar

Brian Ainsworth Bass / Guitar

Vinnie Quattstrocchi Drums / Percussion

Carlo Pisciotti Keyboards / Presence

Honorary Members

Mike Blank    Drums

Ed Bender   Keyboards

Tony Demarco Sound / Lighting

Glen Sacchi   Drums

Andy Gregor  Vocals/Guitar

The Peeps Joannn, Linda,

Lisa, Linda,Joann, Fred, Brian, Lois


Home Base Cellar Sound Studio 27 Elm St., Fishkill, N.Y.